Go Green Bangladesh introduces bamboo water bottle in Bangladesh

Go Green Foundation Bangladesh, a non-profit organization, has introduced bamboo made water bottle named Bambusa in Bangladesh.

Go Green Foundation Bangladesh started taking pre-orders of water bottles made of bamboo and selling of the bottle will be started from June 30 this year.

When contacted, Go Green Foundation Bangladesh director MQZ Qaanan told that they planned to introduce the bottles in March but they had to postpone due to Covod-19 pandemic.

“We were ready to hit the market but we could not. We have already produced around 1000 bottles and we will start selling them as soon as possible,” said Qaanan.

According to Go Green Foundation Bangladesh that profits from selling the bamboo water bottles will be used for anti-plastic movement.

Go Green Foundation Bangladesh is a registered non-profit organization started its activities from 2019.

It is a growing alliance of individuals, organisations, businesses, and policymakers working to build a Bangladesh free of polythene and plastic. It’s main aim to raise awareness about plastic and polythene pollution and its dangerous impact on our environment.

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